Lemon Vine Interactive Design Sutdio


The Lemon Vine Interactive Design Studio is established by a team of enthusiastic software engineer in 2010 in Taipei Taiwan. We aim to create a few interactive applications for education, advertisement, virtual shopping and games. To create a new way of interaction other than traditional devices such as mouse, keyboard, and touch panel.


urLocator - Find Facebook Friend's Location(Andorid Donwload)

urLocator - Find Facebook Friend's Location(iOS Download)

Virtual Runway Ver.2.01

Feel time consuming to try on clothes in shop? Virtual Runway is an application allows you to have cloth changing virtually in real-time. With augmented reality, the application seamlessly attaches virtual cloth to user and simultaneously interacts with user motion. More information is available in the product list.



Word Puzzle Ver.1.0

Having difficulty to memorize new vocabulary? Word Puzzle provides an interesting way of interaction through hand gesture control. In order to pass the pop quiz, user needs to grab answer to right position by using their hands.